Ali Kocho-Williams and the Bristol Brewing Group have announced that they will be running the CBA National competiton again in 2016. While the venue for the Saturday is St Werburghs Community Center and as advertised elsewhere, the date has been fixed for the 15th September 2016. This year the event coincides with Bristol Beer week which means there will be a lot of beery events going on for anyone that wants to come down and attend.

There is a limit of 350 paid entries and that limit has been half fileld by lunchtime, better get in quick

If you feel you can attend as a steward, please register on the site where there is the option to volunteer. It's a great opportunity to get a feel for what a judge is looking for in beers (Even if you are sampling 8,9 and 10% Old Ales at 10AM :D ).



The Brewing Forum

We have always in the past felt very strongly that there was no need for the Craft Brewing Association to run a brewing internet forum, due to the fact that there were two very strong UK based brewing forums already in existance, (three if you count the UK Homebrew mailing list). However, recent events following the sale of one of those forums to a commercial company based in the United States, caused us to reconsider our stance.

The outcome of this is that we now have our very own public brewing forum (The Brewing Forum), where all aspects of brewing Beer, Wine, Ciders and other drinks can be discussed, whether you brew from kits, extract or all grain, Brew In A Bag or 3 Vessel, Platic or Stainless, all are welcome. Along with discussions on Bread, Sausage making and a whole host of other topics. This forum is free to join, and completely free of advertising, although we do have some Vendors as members already, as well as some preferred suppliers.

Although the forum has only been running since the end of April 2014, it has a thriving active membership, and a really friendly 'pub like' atmosphere. So come along take a look at what we are discussing, if you like what you see feel free to sign up and take part.


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